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    A cleaning staff's life is exceedingly difficult, due to the long work hours and frequent physical activity. As a business owner, it is vital to invest in the appropriate janitorial uniforms and accessories to assist your employees in doing their duties efficiently. Additionally, in order for your cleaning and janitorial service to prosper, you should devote extra time and effort to marketing and advertising. Therefore, relying on a reliable cleaner uniform supplier in Dubai such as La Suma, would be ideal. As experts in the uniform industry, we take pride in offering a wide variety of comfortable, attractive and durable uniforms for cleaning business. These further help in ensuring your staff appears to be presentable while also boosting the image of your business.

    Our inventory features a wide selection including janitor t-shirts, overall sets, and janitor jackets. Simply browse through our collection and make a choice based on your business’s requirements. We also provide customization options including branding and logo to give your janitorial uniforms a more sophisticated and professional appearance.

    Our Cleaner Uniform Inventory

    Showing 1–24 of 92 results

    Why Choose Our Cleaning Service Uniform Company?

    High Durability

    There are no frayed strands here. The uniforms at La Suma is designed to be durable, extending the life of your uniform.

    Maintains the Color

    In addition to being highly durable, we ensure the colors of our fabrics look as good as new even after multiple washes.

    Lasting Softness

    At La Suma, we ensure softness in our fabrics even after multiple washes. This way your employees are guaranteed comfort with each wear.

    Easy to Clean

    As experts in the uniform industry, we understand the high functionality demand of uniforms for cleaning business. Therefore, we use advanced technology when manufacturing uniforms to prevent it from soiling easily. Stains are easy to remove, thereby maintaining its quality.

    Prevents Sweat

    Unlike most materials, our fabrics reduces perspiration caused due to sweat, allowing it to stay dry for long hours. It is highly essential for use in Dubai during summers. This further makes it easy for your cleaning staff to work.


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